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'I need my Biggles' [userpic]
by 'I need my Biggles' (umsfartiewan)
at January 31st, 2007 (07:41 pm)

i feel: amused


Hoppus mostly remained mum on the subject until (+44)'s debut album "When Your Heart Stops Beating" was released. He let the songs "No, It Isn't" and "Lycanthrope" do the talking for him. (For those keeping track, a lycanthrope is a bloodthirsty werewolf or spirit.) 

"It was actually good, because" [those songs] were about the end of Blink-182," Hoppus said. "I needed to get it out there because I didn't really talk about it in the press. I really didn't talk about it with anybody. When it came time to put it into a song, it went right into music. It was a good cathartic thing to do. That's for sure," Hoppus said.


I wake up at the end of a long, dark, lonely year
It's bringing out the worst in me
I hear your voice start breaking in fear
When the lights go down

And I still feel you looking over my shoulder
Your sinking guilt and approaching nightmare
And I know none of us will survive
Because I know everything


And my dear I need you to move a little faster
This second counts as the rest of your life
Your final word and an itchy finger
And then it's taken away

And we'll be beaten down without mercy or meaning
I turn my face to a careless skyline
I'm searching hard for a sign from heaven
But they've forgotten me here

You can just stop talking, I get it
I hear your silence loud and clear
I know it's barely a thought but it'll see us through
I'm only setting you free so just let it happen
Just let it happen, no need to fear
Yeah you can just stop talking, I get it

Sex, f*ck, and fluorescent lighting
A hollow point on an angry bullet
We're on the teeth of a crocodile
We're in the mouth of the gun

And sometimes at night I feel I'm just a broken vessel
An instrument with a darker purpose
I'm at the throat of the young and the helpless
Because they've got nothing to say

to quote Tom; What dude? WHAT?

The whole song is... oajshhse, but those bold lines. I can't really figure out something good to say here

oh and also, I understand why Mark wouldn't want to talk about THAT in the press... I bet that's what he means, he just speak a little bit in codes, can't give it all away without people lurking right? I mean the +44 fans know that the song is... very suggestive, but the media doesn't, right? Okay, I don't know what I want to say so I'll just... go back to trying to shut my mouth.


Posted by: Holly (xcacophony)
Posted at: January 31st, 2007 10:00 pm (UTC)

And it's not just Lycanthrope or No, it Isn't that's suggestive. Of course, I've got a bit of a wild mind. But yeah, the media just takes it as 'oh, it's their friendship breaking up, they've been around each other too long,' etc. Or they say that the lyrics come off like it's about Blink, but 'we're reading into it'. Whatever.

Something that I absolutely love about a good portion of +44's songs it that you can take what you want from them. You can either make up a meaning, say most of them are about their friendship, or be like us and think they're about MarkandTom becoming just Mark. And when you put that quote next to the lyrics, it does come off a little bit.. slashy.

Posted by: 'I need my Biggles' (umsfartiewan)
Posted at: February 1st, 2007 11:07 am (UTC)

Excatly! I don't understand why they have to be so very, very narrow-minded. Because GOD FORBIDD can it have been something more than a very deep friendship! *sigh*

Yeah, it's the same thing with Angel and Airwaves. Got the same feeling when Tom said that Start The Machines is about Blinks' breakup... And a lot of songs on that album could be about them. At least some parts of it. And I mean, I think it's pretty logical that a lot of their songs (both +44 and AVA) is about them and Blink because it must be such a huge thing in their lives. From being so close for... god knows how many years and then just... nothing. Must wake very big emotions (duh) .-.

Posted by: condor_avenue (condor_avenue)
Posted at: February 2nd, 2007 08:24 pm (UTC)

yuppp. It seems obvious that quite a few songs on the album are about Mark and Tom.
I always thought "Baby, Come on" was a dead-ringer for being about Tom, especially with the references to alcohol abuse, and depression.

This is what Mark said about it in an interview ( http://punk76.com/html/interviews.html look under Plus 44)
"And then "Baby Come On" is a song about a Girl. It´s about a girl who is kind of loosing her mind and loosing her place in the world and trying to save her."
and also
"Oliver: What are the lyrics about on this record?
Mark: About everything that has happened in the past two years. The good and the bad."

I seriously laughed when I read that the first time. Who does he think he's kidding? So this "girl" is loosing her mind and Tom "lost his brain" all in the past 2 years? What a coincidence.

Posted by: Holly (xcacophony)
Posted at: February 3rd, 2007 12:34 am (UTC)

So this "girl" is loosing her mind and Tom "lost his brain" all in the past 2 years? What a coincidence.

You know what? I never noticed that! Baby, Come On was actually one of the songs I couldn't find an association to M/T with, but now I want to listen to it again and see if there's something there.

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